Call for papers: historical linguistics in South America

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Mon May 30 02:17:01 UTC 2005

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Dear all,

This is to inform that the forms to submit abstracts for the International
Symposium of Historical Linguistics in South America (Aug 27 - Sept 02/05) is
now available at (on weekdays) or
(any day).

Abstracts will be accepted until June 30, and they must be returned by e-mail
to: silhas at ou silhas at  Papers on diachronic linguistics
involving genetic relationships, comparative or internal reconstruction,
diachronic syntax, inferences on prehistory, evolution of typological features,
areal linguistics, effects from language contact, and related themes are highly

For more information, visit the sites above or contact us at:

Telephone: (55) (91) 3274-4004, 3183-2016, Fax: (55) (91) 3274-4004

E-mail: avilacy at, sidifacundes at

Sidi Facundes

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