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                            THEORY AND DESCRIPTION

                          Sept. 26-28, 2007
                University of Adelaide    Adelaide, Australia

A one day workshop on Definiteness and Referentiality will be held in
conjunction with ALS 2007 at the University of Adelaide. We welcome papers
on Australian, Austronesian, Asian and other natural languages, and in all
areas of linguistics including sociolinguistics, language variation and
change, first/second language acquisition, conversational analysis, and
cognitive (including psycho-/neurolinguistic) processing of definiteness.
The following topics are of particular interest:

--data based studies of definiteness properties in particular languages
--theoretical aspects of definiteness and/or specificity
--the article systems of a language group(s)
--the interaction of definiteness/specificity with the grammar
     of a language
--the behavior of subsystems within languages, e.g. polarity references
      and number and quantification of nouns
--the acquisition and development of definiteness and/or referentiality
      in child and second languages
--language change in progress with respect to a property or subsystem
      of a language.

Proposals for both a General Session and a Poster Session should include
the author's name and affiliation, contact details (including e-mail and
postal addresses), title of the paper, keywords, and a one page abstract
of no more than 500 words, excluding examples and references.  Key
references may include, but not limited to, the work of  Irene Heim, M.
Enç, Kamp & Reyle (DRT), B. Partee, Donka Farkas, T.Givon, Christopher
Lyons, J. Hawkins, and M. Haspelmath.  In your submission, please indicate
your preference, and, if your choice is a General Session, please state if
you would be willing to do a poster.

The format of the sessions will be 20 minutes for each paper, followed by
10 minutes for discussion.  Posters will be displayed for one whole day,
with a time slot left specifically for discussing them.  Poster sessions
are ideal for feedback on work in progress.  Honors students are
encouraged to apply.

Each abstract will be blind reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:
   --Topic appropriate to the workshop theme
   --Paper contributing new knowledge on the topic
   --Argument supported by data from natural language
   --Clear statement of results

Submissions should be sent electronically to Korpi.DefWorkshop at
 In the e-mail subject line, please write ‘NAME ALSDEFworkshop’ where NAME
is your surname.  The abstracts should be sent in the body of the e-mail
message and also as an attachment in PDF or rtf format with filename: 

DEADLINE for abstracts is March 16th with notification of acceptance by
April 30.

Selected papers from the workshop will be peer reviewed according to DEST
standards and published in a special volume devoted to the workshop theme.

Workshop organizers:
       Brett Baker             (University of New England)
       Marie Fellbaum Korpi    (The Australian National University) Harumi
Minagawa         (The University of Auckland)
       Lesley Stirling         (The University of Melbourne)

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