text counts of semantic subclasses of lexical categories

Frederick J Newmeyer fjn at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 16 21:13:01 UTC 2006

Dear Funknetters,

I am interested in seeing text counts drawn from conversation (and 
other genres as well) of semantic subclasses of nouns, verbs, and 
adjectives. That is, I'm interested in seeing nouns broken down into 
concretes and abstracts; verbs broken down into actives and 
statives; adjectives broken down into properties and relations; etc., 
and the relative frequency of each subclass in texts. Can anybody 
point me to what I am looking for?



Frederick J. Newmeyer
Howard and Frances Nostrand Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics, University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-4340 USA
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