FIRST CALL: UK-Cognitive Linguistics Assoc. conference: NDCL-2

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Fri Nov 3 12:33:42 UTC 2006


2nd Conference of the UK-Cognitive Linguistics Assoc.

New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics
Cognitive Linguistics, Applied

            Hosted at
     August 27-30, 2007

LYNN CAMERON,   National Centre for Research 
                  Methods, Open University, U.K.
SEANA COULSON,   Univ. California, San Diego, USA
KLAUS PANTHER, Univ. Hamburg, Germany
CHRIS SINHA,   Univ. Portsmouth, England, UK
EVE SWEETSER,   Univ. California, Berkeley, USA
ARIE VERHAGEN,   Leiden Univ., Netherlands

We invite scholars of diverse disciplines and 
languages to contribute to this conference. 
Papers dealing with any facet of cognitive 
linguistics research are welcome, including 
research on meaning, conceptual structure, 
conceptual operations, cognitive processing, 
grammar, acquisition, language use, discourse 
function, and other issues. 

We also encourage papers that relate to the 
secondary conference theme, “Cognitive Linguistics, 
Applied”; as well as the primary theme, 
“New Directions”. These papers may involve 
(but are not limited to) any of the following:
   - New  descriptive or theoretical insights 
        in Cognitive Linguistics
   - Critical evaluations of the Cognitive 
        Linguistics enterprise
   - The  interface between Cognitive Linguistics 
         and neighbouring disciplines
   - New  frontiers in Cognitive Linguistics
   - Conceptual Blending in Discourse
   - Language in Interaction
   - Situated meaning 
   - Distributed Cognition
   - Usage-Based Models
   - Gesture, and Sign

Submissions may offer any of the following:
(i) theme session; (ii) paper presentation; 
(iii) poster presentation; 
(iv) paper or poster presentation  
In addition to papers, posters and/or theme sessions 
dealing with more general areas of cognitive 
linguistics research, we are particularly interested 
in research that applies cognitive linguistics 
methodologies to specific language contexts 
(e.g., classroom, law, etc.).

         Procedural TimeTable:
8th January, 2007	Deadline for Theme sessions
5th February, 2007	Deadline for paper & poster submissions
April, 2007	Notice of acceptance; Registrations open,
27 – 30th Aug, 2007	NDCL-2 Conference
14th January, 2008	Submission of papers for possible publication

     June Luchjenbroers, Univ. Wales Bangor WALES UK
     Michelle Aldridge, Cardiff Univ. WALES UK

     Michelle Aldridge, Cardiff Univ. WALES UK
     June Luchjenbroers, Univ. Wales Bangor WALES UK
     Vyvian Evans, Centre in Language, Communication 
                   & Cognition, Univ. Brighton,
     Esther Pascual, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands


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