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Tue Nov 7 17:55:32 UTC 2006

Apologies for multiple postings..

The 2007 annual meeting of LACUS will be held at Eastern Kentucky
University, near Lexington, Kentucky, July 24-28.

Conference theme: "Speech and Beyond" (emphasis on "beyond"). The
venue relates to this theme, as eastern Kentucky is horse country.
The theme is intended to include animal communication, including
interspecies communication, especially between humans and animals.
An excursion is being planned to a demonstration of horse communication
(see LACUS website for further information).

Features Speakers include:
   Linda Acredolo, UC Davis: Signing with Babies Before they can Talk:
     A Window into the Infant Mind
   Louis Herman, University of Hawaii: Linguistic and Cognitive Skills of
   Irene Pepperburg, Harvard University and Brandeis University:
     Communicative and Cognitive Skills of African Gray Parrots
   Sydney Lamb, Rice University: Varieties of Human and Animal Semiosis
     and their Neurocognitive Basis

Contributions are welcomed on
   Human-animal communication
   Animal-animal communication
   Human communication in media other than speech and writing
   The uniqueness/nonuniqueness of human language
   Other aspects of communication (including spoken and written)

Abstracts will be due by 20 January 2007.

Further information, including details on submission of abstracts, is
posted on the LACUS web site, at (click on
"2007 Conference").

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