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Miriam Meyerhoff mhoff at
Thu Nov 16 14:09:47 UTC 2006

[My apologies for any cross-posting.]

The following position has been advertised (with the usual insanely 
short window for applications typical of University of Edinburgh).

Please note that while we are especially open to enquiries from 
anyone who is, or could, conduct active research on Scots language -- 
this requirement is desirable, NOT essential.

We would very much welcome applications from any interesting recent, 
or soon-to-be-minted, PhDs who can contribute in exciting ways to our 
programs in the history of English, sociolinguistics, text analysis.

Please direct enquiries to the Head of Department, Caroline Heycock 
<heycock at> (or me, in a pinch).

Please also feel free to forward this message.

chrz, Miriam


Miriam Meyerhoff
Professor of Sociolinguistics
Linguistics & English Language
University of Edinburgh
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ph. +44 131 651-1836 (direct line); 650-3628 or 651-1842 (main office)
fax: +44 131 650-6883

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