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Thu Feb 22 14:16:49 UTC 2007

We would like to bring to your attention a new publication in the series Publications in General Linguistics, University of Turku, Finland.

10) Haukioja, Timo (ed.) 2006: Papers on Language Theory. (212 p.) ISBN 951-29-3214-8.


Timo Haukioja:

Jeremy I.M. Carpendale & Timothy P. Racine:
Mead and Meaning: Implications of Views of Meaning for Developmental Theories

T. Givón:
Grammar as an Adaptive Evolutionary Product: On Representing Other Minds

Peter Harder:
Recursion in a Functional-Semantic Grammar

Esa Itkonen:
Concerning (Radical) Construction Grammar

Esa Itkonen:
Three Fallacies that Recur in Linguistic Argumentation

Michael B. Kac:
Autonomous Linguistics and Psycholinguistics

Michael B. Kac: 
Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity: Three Case Studies

Chris Sinha:
Signifying Subjects

Jordan Zlatev:
On Intersubjectivity and Mimetic Schemas

Previously published in the same series:

9) Itkonen, Esa 2005: Ten Non-European Languages. An Aid to the Typologist. (307 p.) ISBN 951-29-2769-1.


Available for order through Turku University Bookstore (tykk at


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