'MANNER' in the Theory of Language: First Circular

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Thu Jun 21 14:04:47 UTC 2007

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'MANNER' in the Theory of Language
Symposium to be held in Tampere, in August 20-21, 2007

**** First Circular, June 21, 2007 ****

The Linguistic Association of Finland organizes the symposium "'Manner' 
in theory of language" in August 20-21, 2007. The symposium will take 
place at the University of Tampere (Tampere, Finland) in the Pinni B 
-building. The street address is Kanslerinrinne 1. The campus map can be 
found in the internet at


In the map, B-building's entrance is marked with a red arrow between the 
A- and B- buildings near number 3 and the information desk.


The preliminary program of the symposium as well as the abstracts for 
the section papers are now available on the conference website at


The program also includes the workshop "Formal approaches to language as 
a cognitive system" organized by Urpo Nikanne (Åbo Akademi, Finland) and 
Mila Vulchanova (NTNU, Norway). The detailed program will be available 
at the conference website in August. Below is a short description of the 

There are several cognitively oriented approaches in linguistics. Some 
of them (Conceptual Semantics, Sign-theory, Construction Grammar, etc.) 
are based on formalization in their theory building and treating 
language as a part of an integrated theory of mind.  The workshop 
concentrates on finding possible topics and research areas in which 
these theories are ready to make a break-through in near future.

The participants of the workshop include: Mila Vulchanova (NTNU, 
Norway), Matthias Weissgerber (Konstanz, Germany), Urpo Nikanne (Åbo 
Akademi University, Finland), Liliana Martinez (NTNU, Norway), Geda 
Paulsen (Åbo Akademi University, Finland), Oksana Petrova (Åbo Akademi 
University, Finland), Michaela Pörn (Åbo Akademi, Finland), and Esa 
Itkonen (University of Turku, Finland).


The deadline for registration is July 31, 2007. Please check the 
conference website for details of registration and for information 
concerning accommodation.

Looking forward to seeing you in August.

The organizers

Chair: Urpo Nikanne (Åbo Akademi University)
Antti Arppe (University of Helsinki)
Pentti Haddington (University of Oulu)
Kari Hiltula (University of Tampere)
Emmi Hynönen (University of Turku)
Heidi Merimaa (University of Turku )
Alexandre Nikolaev (University of Tampere)
Kaius Sinnemäki (University of Helsinki)
Laura Visapää (University of Helsinki)

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