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29 & 30 NOVEMBER 2007

Université François Rabelais, Tours
UFR Lettres et Langues, « Langues & Représentations » Research Group
3 rue des Tanneurs
37041 Tours Cedex 1, France

Sylvester Osu, Gilles Col, Nathalie Garric, Fabienne Toupin


The world's languages use diverse means to construct and express the
identity of people and objects. These means include denomination (e.g.
proper nouns, noun phrases, denominal adjectives, etc.) in the sense of
categorising living beings and/or inanimate objects through the act of
naming, and reduplication (e.g. a salad salad, I mean up-up, etc.) which in
some of its uses amounts to typifying. Categorisation is a way of
identifying an element with a group while marking its singularity (see e.g.
Folkbiology). On the other hand, to produce a sequence like 'un parfum pour
les femmes femmes' is tantamount to setting up a subcategory of women par
excellence and consequently, introducing a difference among women.

In recent years, identification has received a great deal of attention in
linguistics. In some theoretical models it has even come to be regarded as a
form of linguistic operation.

The aim of this conference is to outline the different linguistic operations
of identification insofar as they involve the construction of identity and
the different linguistic devices through which the identity of a person or
object is constructed.

We welcome contributions that show how the two notions of identity and
identification are articulated in both language and discourse. Contributions
can stem from any theoretical background, be based upon any methodological
approach and address the issue in any of the world's languages.

The conference will feature presentations in French as well as in English.

Please submit your abstracts in both RTF and PDF (2 pages minimum and 3 max,
in 12-point Times New Roman, simple spacing) by e-mail to the following
address: langrep at no later than 31 May 2007, submission
deadline. Please include the title of the paper but do not mention the name
of the author as abstracts will be refereed anonymously. A separate page
should contain the title of the paper, the author's name, affiliation,
postal and email addresses.

We intend to publish the papers accepted for the conference. To this effect,
revised versions will be reviewed anew by the members of the scientific

Gabriel Bergounioux (Université d'Orléans/CORAL, Orléans)
Isabelle Bril (LACITO-CNRS, Paris)
Pierre Cadiot (Université d'Orléans/CORAL, Orléans)
Gilles Col (Université François Rabelais, Tours/FORELL, Poitiers)
Jean-Michel Fournier (Université François Rabelais/L&R, Tours)
Jean-Jacques Franckel (Université de Paris X, Nanterre/ LLF (UMR 7110) CNRS, 
Jacques François (Université de Caen Basse-Normandie/CRISCO, FRE 2805)
Nathalie Garric (Université François Rabelais/L&R, Tours)
Thierry Grass (Université François Rabelais/L&R, Tours)
Bernhard Hurch (Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Graz, Austria)
Raphaël Kabore (Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle/LACITO-CNRS, Paris)
Georges Kleiber (Université Marc Bloch Strasbourg & EA 1339 LDL- Scolia)
Daniel Lebaud (Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon)
Fiona McLaughlin (University of Florida, USA)
François Nemo (Université d'Orléans/CORAL, Orléans)
Sylvester Osu (Université François Rabelais/L&R, Tours)
Denis Paillard (LLF (UMR 7110) CNRS - Université Paris 7, Paris)
Michel Paillard (Université de Poitiers/FORELL, Poitiers)
Fabienne Toupin (Université François Rabelais/L&R, Tours)
Bernard Victorri (LATTICE (UMR 8094) CNRS-ENS, Montrouge)

Abstract deadline: 31 May 2007
Notification: 15 July 2007
Conference dates: Thursday 29 & Friday 30 November 2007
Deadline for registration: 15 September 2007

VENUE : Tours (France). The halls will be announced with the programme.

REGISTRATION: 80 EUR (40 EUR for students)

Sylvester Osu
Phone: 336.
Email: Sylvester.osu at

Université François Rabelais, Tours
UFR Lettres et Langues
Département des Sciences du Langage
3 rue des Tanneurs
37041 Tours Cedex 1, France

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