3rd CFP: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines

Christopher Hart c.j.hart at herts.ac.uk
Wed Nov 7 09:16:28 UTC 2007

Dear Colleagues,

3rd Call for Papers: CADAAD'08

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) is an ongoing project which aims to foster and promote cross-disciplinary
communication in critical discourse research. Following the success of the
project’s first international conference hosted at the University of East
Anglia in 2006, we are pleased to announce the second international
conference CADAAD’08, to be hosted at the *University of Hertfordshire,
10-11 July 2008*.

In line with the general aims of the project, we welcome papers both from
CDA and neighbouring disciplines such as communication studies, media
studies, narrative studies, sociology, philosophy and political science.
Abstracts are invited which assess the state of the art and offer new
directions for critical discourse research. By new directions we mean i)
theoretical/methodological development and/or ii) analysis of contemporary

Theoretical/methodological frameworks sourced from all areas of the social
and cognitive sciences are welcome. Papers exploring the following
frameworks in linguistics are particularly welcome:

   * Cognitive Linguistics (Blending, Construction Grammars, Framing,
   * Corpus Linguistics (Corpus Construction, Data Extraction, Semantic
   * Pragmatics (Presupposition, Relevance Theory, Speech Acts)
   * Systemic Functional Linguistics (Cohesion and Coherence,
     Grammatical Metaphor)

Analyses of all contemporary discourses are welcome, including those within applied and professional areas such as business, education, environment,health, and law. Papers applying critical analysis to discourses used in the construction of 'minority' vs. 'normality' and other dichotomies are especially welcome. Areas of particular interest include:

   * Discourse on gender
   * Discourse of International Law
   * Discourse on immigration
   * Discourse of the war on terror
   * European Union discourse
   * United Nations and foreign aid discourse

Reflecting our commitment to multiplicity in critical approaches to
discourse analysis, the following plenary speakers have confirmed their

   * Professor Piotr Cap (University of Łódź, Poland)
   * Professor Jonathan Charteris-Black (University of West England, UK)
   * Professor Teun van Dijk (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain)
   * Professor Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University, UK)

Abstracts of no longer than 400 words should be submitted as MS Word
attachment to discourse at cadaad.org by *30 November 2007*. Authors should
include their name, affiliation and email address. Successful authors will
be notified via email by *15 February 2008*. Papers will be allocated twenty minutes plus ten minutes for questions. Selected proceedings will be published.

Please visit http://cadaad.org/cadaad08 for further conference details. 

Christopher Hart
Lecturer in English Language and Communication
School of Humanities
University of Hertfordshire


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