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Dear Colleagues - At the embarassment of self-advertisement, may I take the 
liberty to let you know that my mymonograph, which develops a pragmatic 
theory of anaphora, has recently been re-issued in paperback by Cambridge 
UP. I attach a CUP flyer below. Hope the book will be of interest to your 
students and libraries. Sorry for this intrusive email and many thanks, 

New re-issue/2007

                         Cambridge University Press

                  The Syntax and Pragmatics of Anaphora

                    (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

                               Yan Huang

This book develops a pragmatic theory of anapohora within the neo-Gricean
framework of conversational implicature. Chomsky claims that anaphora
reflects underlying principles of innate Universal Grammar, and the view is
widely held that only syntactic and semantic factors are crucial to
intrasential anaphora. Yan Huang questions the basis of the Government and
Binding approach and argues that syntax and pragmatics are interconnected
in determining many anaphoric processes. Furthermore, he proposes that the
extent to which syntax and pragmatics interact varies typologically. There
exists a class of language (such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean)in which
pragmatics plays a central role that in familiar European languages is
alleged to be played by grammar. Yan Huang's pragmatic theory has far
reaching implications for this important issue in theoretical linguistics.

Yan Huang (PhD, Cambridge; DPhil, Oxford) is Professor of Theoretical
Linguistics at the University of Reading. He has taught linguistics
previously at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. His
books include _Anaphora: A Cross-linguistic Study_(2000) and
_Pragmatics_(2007). He has also published a number of articles and reviews
in major international journals of linguistics.

'[A]n excellent contribution to the literature on anaphora, pragmatics,
and the grammar-pragmatics interface... H[uang]'s book presents a wealth
of data, interesting analyses, and intriguing questions for further

'[T]he book makes a valuable addition to the literature on anaphora, and
will prove a rich source of observations, insights and future research
topics ... [I]t also makes a significant theoretical contribution to the
development of a pragmatic account of certain aspects of anaphora.'
                                          _Journal of Linguistics_

'Huang's outstanding book not only puts forth an explicit theory of the
pragmatic factors involved, but can also be compared in rigor and
coverage with any available accounts of anaphora.'
                                    _Journal of Chinese Linguistics_

'Huang ... qualif[ies] as one of that rare variety of linguists who is
conversant with both the technicalities of syntactic theory and the
subtleties of pragmatics. By considering the syntax and pragmatics of
anaphora ..., Huang's book makes a significant contribution to the
boundary dispute between these two branches of the study of language.'
                                      _Journal of Pragmatics_

September 2007
ISBN 0-521-03960-6 (Paperback)

-- New book Huang, Y. (2007). Pragmatics. Oxford University Press. 
Available now through all good bookshops, or direct from Oxford University 
Press at:

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