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Rethinking Grammaticalization. New perspectives & Theoretical and 
Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization

Edited by María José López-Couso and Elena Seoane
University of Santiago de Compostella

In collaboration with Teresa Fanego
2 volume set
Typological Studies in Language 76-77
2008. xxi, 327 pp. + index & x, 350 pp. + index
Hardbound 978 90 272 2991 5 / EUR 225.00 / USD 338.00

This book set contains the following volumes:
  Rethinking Grammaticalization: New perspectives

López-Couso, María José and Elena Seoane (eds.)
2008. x, 355 pp.
Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization

Seoane, Elena and María José López-Couso (eds.)
2008. x, 367 pp.

These two volumes offer a selection of papers from the Third 
International Conference New Reflections on Grammaticalization, held 
in Santiago de Compostela in July 2005. From the rich programme of 
the conference (over 120 papers), the twelve contributions included 
in this volume were carefully selected to reflect the state of 
current research in grammaticalization and suggest possible 
directions for future investigations in the field. Combining 
theoretical discussions with the analysis of particular test cases 
from a wide range of languages from various language families, the 
selected papers focus on such central questions as the need for a 
broader notion of grammaticalization, the distorting effects of 
grammaticalization on grammar, the areal perspective in 
grammaticalization and the relevance of contact-induced change to 
grammaticalization. Other topics discussed include the development of 
markers of textual connectivity and the emergence of cardinal 
numerals and numeral systems.

Contents of the two volumes:


Rethinking Grammaticalization
New perspectives

Edited by María José López-Couso and Elena Seoane
University of Santiago de Compostela

In collaboration with Teresa Fanego

Typological Studies in Language 76

2008. x, 355 pp.
Hardbound 978 90 272 2988 5 / EUR 110.00 / USD 165.00

Table of contents

Address list  vii–viii
Preface  ix–x
Introduction: New perspectives on grammaticalization
María José López-Couso and Elena Seoane 1–13
Grammaticalization and the areal factor: The perspective of East and 
mainland Southeast Asian languages
Walter Bisang 15–35
On the grammaticalization of 'come' and 'go' into markers of textual 
Philippe Bourdin 37–59
Grammaticalization, typology and semantics: Expanding the agenda
Zygmunt Frajzyngier 61–102
Mismatch: Grammar distortion and grammaticalization
Livio Gaeta 103–127
Areal convergence in grammaticalization processes
Anna Giacalone-Ramat 129–167
The grammaticalization of nominalizers in Japanese and Korean: A 
contrastive study
Kaoru Horie 169–187
On the frills of grammaticalization
Tania A. Kuteva 189–217
Nominalizations in Bodic languages
Michael Noonan 219–237
On the rise and fall of Korean nominalizers
Seongha Rhee 239–264
The grammaticalization of clausal nominalizers in Burmese
Andrew Simpson 265–288
The grammaticalization cline of cardinal numerals and numeral systems
Ferdinand von Mengden 289–308
The development of nominalizers in East Asian and Tibeto-Burman languages
Foong Ha Yap and Stephen Matthews 309–341
Index of names  343–347
Index of languages  348–349
Index of subjects  350–355

Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization

Edited by Elena Seoane and María José López-Couso
University of Santiago de Compostela

In collaboration with Teresa Fanego

Typological Studies in Language 77
2008. x, 367 pp.
Hardbound 978 90 272 2989 2 / EUR 115.00 / USD 173.00

Table of contents

Introduction: Further reflections on grammaticalization
Elena Seoane and María José López-Couso
Swedish må and the (de)grammaticalization debate
Peter Andersson
'Where grammar and lexis meet:' Composite predicates in English
Laurel J. Brinton
On the grammaticalization and (inter)subjectivity of evidential 
(semi-)auxiliaries in Spanish
Bert Cornillie
Semantic, syntactic and constructional restrictions in the diachronic 
rise of modal particles in German: A corpus-based study on the 
formation of a grammaticalization channel
Gabriele Diewald and Gisella Ferraresi
Double indirect object marking in Spanish and Italian
Andreas Dufter and Elisabeth Stark
The emergence of particle clusters in Dutch: Grammaticalization under 
adverse conditions
Jack Hoeksema
Antigrammaticalization, antimorphologization and the case of Tura
Dmitry Idiatov
Can grammaticalization be parameterized?
Jurgen Klausenburger
Possessive adjectives as a source of intensifiers
Ekkehard König and Letizia Vezzosi
Information structure and grammaticalization
Christian Lehmann
 From speech-situation evocation to hypotaxis: The case of Latin 
quamvis 'although'
Torsten Leuschner
Grammaticalization waves: The Russian subjunctive mood and 
person/number marking
Jens Nørgård-Sørensen
Discourse frequency and the collapse of the adposition vs. affix 
distinction in Lakota
Regina Pustet
On the grammaticalization of the Spanish expression puede que
María José Rodríguez Espiñeira and Belén López Meirama
On the history and present behaviour of subordinating that with 
adverbial conjunctions in English
Guenter Rohdenburg
The regrammaticalization of linking elements in German
Heide Wegener
Language index
Name index
Subject index
Subject classification
  Historical linguistics
  Theoretical linguistics

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