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Essays on Nominal Determination
 From morphology to discourse management

Edited by Henrik Høeg Müller and Alex Klinge
Copenhagen Business School

Studies in Language Companion Series 99
2008. xviii, 369 pp.
Hardbound  978 90 272 3110 9 / EUR 110.00 / USD 165.00

This volume brings together scholars of diverse theoretical 
persuasions who all share an interest in capturing the role that 
nominal determination and reference assignment play in the 
complicated interplay between thought, language and communication. 
The articles can be divided roughly into five main areas of concern: 
the conceptual level of determination; the emergence and function of 
articles; their semantic contribution to nominal interpretation; the 
morphology and syntax of determiners; and the interplay and contrasts 
between articles, demonstratives and possessives. Thus, linguistic 
and philosophical issues in the subject field of nominal 
determination are addressed at all interface levels between 
morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. This volume shows that 
different theoretical frameworks may be brought fruitfully together 
in the effort to formulate new analyses of well-known problems, but 
also to raise new questions and point to new areas which may prove 
interesting topics for future research both in functional and formal 


Table of contents

Contributors  vii–viii
The editors  ix
Henrik Høeg Müller and Alex Klinge xi–xviii
Determiners and definiteness: Functional semantics and structural 
Peter Harder 1–25
Articles, definite and indefinite
Michael Herslund 27–43
Typological correlations in nominal determination in Romance
Elisabeth Stark 45–63
A stranger in the house: The French article de
Marc Wilmet 65–78
Determination in endocentric and exocentric languages: With evidence 
primarily from Danish and Italian
Iørn Korzen 79–99
Bare predicate nominals in Romance languages
Roberto Zamparelli 101–130
Definiteness effect and the role of the coda in existential constructions
Manuel Leonetti 131–162
Determination of N2 modifiers in Spanish nominal syntagmatic compounds
Henrik Høeg Müller 163–188
Reference to individuals, person, and the variety of mapping parameters
Giuseppe Longobardi 189–211
English th- forms
Judy B. Bernstein 213–232
Stating the case for þ- root and hw- root determiners
Alex Klinge 233–263
On certain differences between noun phrases and clauses
Naoki Fukui and Mihoko Zushi 265–286
Determination, nominalisation and conceptual processing
Helle Dam-Jensen 287–308
The semantics and pragmatics of the possessive determiner
Georges Kleiber 309–336
Reference, determiners and descriptive content
Thorstein Fretheim and Nana Aba Appiah Amfo 337–364
Index  365–369


Subject classification
  Discourse studies
  Theoretical linguistics

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