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I, too, am very happy that Fritz has used FUNKNET to call attention to this 
paper of his. It is a clear and fair study, one that is of great interest to 
all linguists, whether of a functional or formalist persuasion.

Edith Moravcsik

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> Hello, I've been a quiet lurker here for years. But I would like to 
> respond to Paul Hopper's comment that:
>>, the polemical "article of faith" abstract Fritz Newmeyer has sent round 
>>contains no empirical arguments, so it cannot be responded to without 
>>reading the entire article.
> If the overall question is "what is to be the nature of Funknet," I'd 
> suggest that it's completely appropriate for an author to send an abstract 
> of his own devising with a link to the full article. I don't find that 
> 'sad' or upsetting. It seems, on the contrary, ONE useful way (among 
> others) to invite discussion, in this case from people who are interested 
> enough to read further.
> I see no benefit in legislating the way in which people should post about 
> their own work.
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