Discrete Infinity

A. Katz amnfn at well.com
Wed Jun 11 21:05:11 UTC 2008

But surely new words can very easily be derived in these languages. Isn't
that so?


On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, jess tauber wrote:

> Are all languages equal, though, in their ability to say new things?
> For example, where languages have reduced numbers of morphemes (as in polysynthetic types, according to Fortescue), it might be harder to get at a particular concept unless you either compare it to something else not quite identical, or coin a new lexical root, etc. In extreme cases what we normally think of as open classes can be closed.
> Not directly related to DI, perhaps, but part of the overall system.
> Jess Tauber
> phonosemantics at earthlink.net

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