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Hi John

I saw your message (and Danielle's reply) and while I don't work in CDA
and/or theology myself I thought I'd reply on behalf of my Department.

Lancaster is well known for research in CDA, and one of our most
prominent researchers in this area, Paul Chilton, has done research on
biblical and religious texts. Karin Tusting, who is in the Literacy
Research Centre (associated with the Linguistics Department), is also
interested in CDA in a religious context. Cross-department supervision
is normal at Lancaster for interdisciplinary topics. Some people we
would consider as potential co-supervisors would be Gavin Hyman and Paul
Fletcher in the Religious Studies Department. In sum, I'd say that your
student would make a good choice to apply to us. 

Hope this helps,


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Hi John,

The closest expert I know in that domain is Dr. Huamei Han at Simon
Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, who has a Ph.D in
linguistics (discourse analysis) and religious studies from University
of Toronto. She continues her research on the subject, more specifically
on the discourse of
(Chinese) immigrants who have converted to Christianism. She is equally
an outstanding young scholar and her dissertation has been highly
praised at U. of T.

It would be a good idea for Sandy to contact her (huamei at

All the best,
Danielle Cyr

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> Dear Funknetters,
> I'm writing to you all for advice about an MA student of mine, Sandy
> Habib, who is just finishing up his thesis and thinking about where to

> study for his Ph.D. He is an absolutely outstanding student--he 
> received our department's award for best linguistics student last 
> year--and he is a Maronite and a very serious Catholic. He wants to 
> combine linguistics and religious studies in his career, addressing 
> controversial issues in the Church but from a linguistically 
> sophisticated point of view. He has always maintained that he wants to

> get his doctorate in linguistics, not theology, but he wants to 
> address theological issues, at least in part, in his research.
> I don't know how to advise him. I suggested he apply to Georgetown 
> because it was the only place I could think of where both linguistics 
> and Catholic religious studies are taken seriously, but they didn't 
> even accept him in the linguistics department in spite of his 
> outstanding record, with the only explanation being that maybe he 
> should apply to the religion
> department--
> but it's clear that in terms of intellectual approach he fits 
> linguistics more than religion. He's now applying to Lancaster to 
> study CDA (this was his idea) but I'm concerned he is going to have 
> zero contact with religious scholars there. If any of you have some 
> suggestions about how Sandy might complete his studies so as to 
> combine his interests, I would very much appreciate your input. I'm
really clueless about this.
> Thanks,
> John
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