EMCL 4 - Deadline extended to May 11

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Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics IV

 Integration - Methods and Perspectives

 University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Dk
 July 7 – 12, 2008

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 ****** Given that some perspective applicants received the call notice
late, we are extending the application deadline as follows:

 ***********Application deadline extended: May 11, 2008 ***********

 Applications must be submitted by email to EMCL4.2008 at gmail.com
 Acceptance notifications will be sent on or before June 1, 2008.

 The Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics (EMCL) Workshops have
 out of the desire of many language researchers to incorporate empirical
 methods into their investigative repertoire. While theoretical work in
 cognitive linguistics has yielded significant insights, they still await
 empirical validation. To that end, we seek to further develop an
 valid account of the connection between language and cognition through the
 continuous merging of theoretical and empirical research.

 Our goal is to help train language scholars in empirical methodology. Our
 are set up to take small groups of scholars through the steps involved in
 empirical research. This includes,

   1. learning how to ask empirical questions,
   2. choose an experimental paradigm,
   3. collect and analyze data and
   4. present it to an audience.

 Our theme for this, the fourth EMCL, is integration of methodologies and
 perspectives. Language is a complex phenomenon, "too human to be confined
 a single discipline" (Hunt & Agnoli, 1991) or to be understood using a
 single methodology. Although using one perspective or method can be quite
 informative, pursuit of corroborating evidence via multiple means is
 substantially more illuminating. Our goal with this workshop is to provide
 setting where integration is considered from the onset of a research
 project. The basic unit of the workshop will therefore be hands-on sessions
 led by pairs of researchers who will work together to provide complementary
 perspectives on a problem's investigation. In this setting, invited
 will learn how to apply different approaches to a given question, as well
 how to carry out a research project from conception to implementation.

 Intended Audience:

 This workshop is aimed specifically at scholars with sound theoretical
 knowledge in their field though lacking in empirical training,
 including experimental research. Participants are not expected to have
 any background in empirical work. Candidates should at least have
 completed initial university training, a B.A. in the US, or be working
 on a Masters degree if training in Europe, in theoretical linguistics
 or a similar field, and be familiar with cognitive linguistics or
 embodiment (this familiarity need not have occurred in a formal
 university setting). Graduate students, i.e. post-grads, pre-doctoral,
 etc., as well as post-doctoral researchers and junior faculty, are
 invited to apply. The only real prerequisite is a background in
 cognitive linguistics or embodiment, and a desire to gain empirical
 research experience.

 Workshop Topics:

 Gesture & Simulation Semantics
   Alan Cienki, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
   Ben Bergen, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

 Lexical Semantics & Multidimensional Scaling
    Steven Clancy, University of Chicago
   Michele Feist, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

 Linguistic Relativity & Meaning
   John Lucy, University of Chicago
   Gabriella Vigliocco, University College London

   Viorica Marian, Northwestern University
   Kathryn Kohnert, University of Minnesota

 Cost: 125 Euros
 (Scholarships consisting of registration fee reductions will be
 available for students traveling from Eastern Europe and developing

 To precede Language, Culture and Mind 3 http://www.lcm.sdu.dk

 EMCL 4 Organizing Committee: Monica Gonzalez-Marquez, Chair, Cornell
 University (EMCL4.2008 at gmail.com); Raymond Becker, University of
 California, Merced; Michele Feist, University of Louisiana at
 Lafayette; Todd Oakley, Case Western Reserve University; Anders R.
 Hougaard, University of Southern Denmark; Gitte R. Hougaard,
 University of Southern Denmark

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