Esmat Babaii ebabaii at
Wed May 28 06:10:17 UTC 2008

I hate to disagree with Professor Givon, but I've had a different
> experience with this genre, and evaluative discourse, in general.
> While I'm not denying the destructive effects of unfair, ad hominem
> reviews done by certain characters  who feel great only when they can
> put/see others in inferior position, book review can be a service to
> the academic discourse community by providing a good ground for
> further exchange of ideas. This is at least what I had in mind in a
> couple of reviews I published. Specifically, I am so glad that  I
> reviewed John Myhill's book (2006) on nationalism, language and
> religion; because through a set of discussions he started as a
> reaction to my comments, I learned a lot. A particular genre cannot be
> inherently good or bad, it depends on a lot of parameters, including
> the people using it.
> Esmat Babaii
> University for teacher Education
> Iran

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