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Fri May 30 07:46:02 UTC 2008


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is a peer reviewed journal published by Iran's Association of Applied
Linguists. For our January 2009, we are planning a special issue on critical
pedagogy (CP), and we hope to get contributions that explore different applications of CP in L2 teaching, testing,
materials development, teacher education… We would also like to receive argumentative
papers that might question the applicability of CP to mainstream L2


Contributions need to be within the word-count
range of 4000 to 8000, in Word 2003 format, and sent as email attachments to
the address below.  Please use APA
guidelines for references. The deadline for submissions is September 25th,


Please send your papers to Ramin Akbari (Guest
editor) at:  akbari_ram at 


Ramin Akbari

Assistant Professor of TEFL

English Department, TMU

Tehran, Iran





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