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The Center for Research on the  Applications of Language (CRAL), based at the University of La Rioja, Spain,  solicits papers for the International Conference on Figurative Language  Learning and Figurative Language Use: Theory and Applications. An International  Conference in Honor of Professor Paul Meara, to be held on October 29-31,  2009, at the  University of La Rioja.

The conference is open to  presentations on a range of topics related to Cognitive Linguistics and  compatible approaches to language, both from a theoretical and an applied  perspective. We invite proposals on subjects including but not limited to:  metaphor theory; metonymy theory; cognitive models; cognitive stylistics;  figurative language use in L1 and in additional languages including foreign  languages and multilingual acquisition; figurative language acquisition and  development; vocabulary and figurative language in foreign languages;  applications of figurative language (to lexicography, translation, language  teaching and methodology, etc.).  

General Session: Abstracts  for 20-minute presentations (plus ten-minute discussion) should be no more than  500 words (plus references, tables, and figures), and should also include 5  keywords. Abstracts should be sent by 1-September-2009 through the CRAL webpage  at

Round Tables last a  maximum of 90 minutes. The proposal should include not more than 5 presentations  of ten minutes each; round tables should have a discussant that will act as  debate moderator; debate time should take at least 40 minutes. Round Table  proposals should have a general description of the aims of the session, and one  abstract for each of the presentations. All abstracts should comply with the  same specifications as the abstracts for the General  Session.

Laudatio: We intend to hold this Conference in honor of  Professor Paul Meara (University of Swansea) on occasion of his retirement. The  closing ceremony will feature a plenary lecture by Professor Meara and a  laudatio.

Publication: A selection of contributions will be edited  by the organizers and submitted to a major international  press.

Chair: Francisco J. Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez <francisco.ruizdemendoza at>
Co-chair:  Rosa María Jiménez Catalán <rosa.jimenez at>

Plenary  Speakers

Paul Meara (Swansea, UK): title pending  confirmation

Elena Semino (Department of Linguistics and English  Language, Lancaster University, United Kingdom): "Figurative language in expert  publications and educational materials"

Frank Boers (Erasmus University  College Brussels, Belgium): "Ways of teaching L2 figurative phrases: an  assessment"

Zoltan Kövecses (Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd  University, Budapest, Hungary): "Recent findings in metaphor theory and their  application to foreign language teaching."

David Singleton (Center for  Language and Communication Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland):  "Figurative aspects of the taboo lexicon"

Other plenary speakers to be  announced in due time

Call Deadline: September 1,  2009
Acceptance notification: September 10
Registration  deadline: October 15
Date: October, 29-31,  2009

Conference fee: 60 euros
Special fee for undergraduate  students: 20 euros

Questions and correspondence may be addressed to  <cral at>

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