Subject-complement inversion

Thomas E. Payne tpayne at
Fri Jun 19 14:32:14 UTC 2009

Can someone please remind me of research on the discourse functions of
"subject-complement inversion" constructions in English? These are clauses
like the following:

Behind the counter crouched the thief.
Up jumped the rabbit.
Around the corner came the train. 
Under the bed scurried the cat.
The best rider on the team is Marilyn.
Great is thy faithfulness.
In the kitchen is Mrs. Jones.
On the wall hangs a portrait of Churchill.

I don't mean "subject-object inversion" in utterance predicates. Neither
existential/presentational constructions with "existential 'there'".

Thanks so much for references to relevant (preferably recent) literature.

Tom Payne

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