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Please find below an announcement for the LinC Summer School and Workshop 
in Systemic Functional Linguistics.  If you have seen this announcement 
before, please note that the list of presenters has been updated.

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The LinC Summer School and Workshop in Systemic Functional Linguistics
13 - 16 September 2010
Cardiff University

LinC is the research network for Linguistics in Cardiff
We are pleased to announce the 1st LinC summer school in Systemic 
Functional Linguistics to be held at Cardiff University from September 
14-16 inclusive, 2010, with welcome and registration taking place on 
September 13th.   The summer school will also include a Poster Session.

Michael Halliday, Ruqaiya Hasan, Sydney Lamb, Geoff Thompson, Mick 
O’Donnell, Robin Fawcett, Gordon Tucker, Paul Tench, Lise Fontaine, Tom 
Bartlett, Gerard O’Grady

About the summer school
Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) is an increasingly popular framework 
for understanding and analysing language in use.  At the very foundation 
of SFL is the view of language as a social function.  As Halliday states, 
“the internal organization of language is not arbitrary but embodies a 
positive reflection of the functions that language has evolved to serve in 
the life of social man” (1970:26).   The functions of language include 
both the functions that language serves (i.e. how people use language) and 
linguistic functions (i.e. the grammatical and semantic roles assigned to 
parts of language). It is this focus on the functions of language that has 
lead to the successful application of SFL in areas such as language 
teaching, literacy, computational approaches to language, counselling, 
research in language and communication and many more.  The goal of the 
summer school is to offer research training in both understanding the SFL 
theory of language and applying it to real-world challenges.  The summer 
school will run two parallel courses: introductory and advanced.  Details 
are available on the website.

Call for Poster Presentations
Participants at the summer school are encouraged to submit an abstract for 
a Poster Presentation. Accepted proposals will be presented at a poster 
session. Deadline for submissions is May 1st 2010. Send abstracts of 500 
words to linc2010 at
Registration fee is £105 for the full three days. There are a limited 
number of places available so please book early. The summer school will 
only run if the minimum number of places are filled. The registration form 
is now available from the menu in the top right section of this page.
For further information please contact:
Lise Fontaine, Tom Bartlett or Gerard O'Grady: 
Email: Linc2010 at

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