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A Typology of Purpose Clauses

Karsten Schmidtke-Bode
Friedrich Schiller University, Jena

Studies in Language 88

2009. xii, 229 pp.

978 90 272 0669 5 / EUR 99.00 / USD 149.00

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978 90 272 8898 1 / EUR 99.00 / USD 149.00



This book presents the first comprehensive typology of purpose clause 
constructions in the world's languages. Based on a stratified variety 
sample of 80 languages, it uncovers the unity and diversity of the 
morphosyntactic means by which purposive relations are coded, and 
discusses the status of purpose clauses in the syntactic and 
conceptual space of complex sentences. Explanations for significantly 
recurrent coding patterns are couched in a usage-based approach to 
language structure, which pays due attention to the cognitive and 
communicative pressures on usage events involving purpose clauses, to 
frequency distributions of grammatical choices in corpora, and to the 
ways in which usage preferences conventionalize in pathways of 
diachronic change. The book integrates diverse previous strands of 
research on purpose clauses with a thorough empirical analysis in its 
own right and thus reflects the current state of the art of 
crosslinguistic research into this distinctive type of adverbial clause.

An appendix to A Typology of Purpose Clauses can be found on the 
author's website: 


Table of contents

Abbreviations and notational conventions
1. Aims and scope of the book
2. Theoretical and methodological foundations
3. The grammar of purpose: Documentation and explanation
4. Purpose clauses in the syntactic and conceptual space of complex sentences
Conclusion and outlook
Index of authors
Index of languages
Index of subjects

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