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Dear Colleagues,

Volume 2, issue 1 of 'Language & Cognition' has just been published.  
The table of contents for volume 2 is below.  Full details on the 
journal, including subscription details, can be found on the journal 

Table of Contents:  Volume 2 (2010)

Issue 1 (June)
When gesture does and doesn't promote learning.
Susan Goldin-Meadow 

The spatial foundations of the conceptual system.
Jean Mandler

Incidental verbatim memory for language.
Olga Gurevich, Matthew A. Johnson and Adele E. Goldberg

Disembodying cognition.
Anjan Chatterjee 

On the genesis of personal pronouns: some conceptual sources
Bernd Heine and Kyung An-Song

Issue 2 (November)
Adaptive cognition without massive modularity
Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. and Guy C. Van Orden

Do classifiers predict differences in cognitive processing?  A study of 
nominal classification in Mandarin Chinese
Mahesh Srinivasan 

The conceptual structure of deontic meaning: A model based on 
geometrical principles
Paul Chilton 

Talking about quantities in space: Vague quantifiers, context and similarity
Kenny R. Coventry, Angelo Cangelosi, Stephen N. Newstead and Davi Bugmann 

Abstract motion is no longer abstract
Teenie Matlock 

Mutual bootstrapping between language and analogical processing
Dedre Gentner and Stella Christie 

Jordan Zlatev, Timothy P. Racine, Chris Sinha, and Esa Itkonen (eds.). 
The shared mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity.
Reviewed by Karolina Krawczak 

Vyvyan Evans and Stéphanie Pourcel (eds.) New directions in Cognitive 
Reviewed by Alena Anishchanka 


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Prof. Vyv Evans
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