left out a phrase Re: Outsiders' views of the value of linguistics

Suzanne Kemmer kemmer at rice.edu
Sun Oct 24 18:09:49 UTC 2010

oops, I left out the phrase  'complications of later versions'  in the 
later part of my posting -- the text should read:

...Steve Pinker[,] stuck to the Chomskyan line about innate structures for a long while,
explaining the story in the _Language Instinct_  essentially in the form of an early model of generative
linguistics, without all the 


but then had his spectacular blow-up with Chomsky ...

I just saw Brian's message, which confirms what Liz told me.
I took the single-view perspective in the program to be the result 
of just a filmmaker looking for a story and, as journalists do, finding
some people willing to tell the simple story.


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