A question for Fritz

Mark Dingemanse mark.dingemanse at mpi.nl
Tue Oct 26 18:11:18 UTC 2010

I know Fritz is looking for quotes, but one way to gauge outside views
of our discipline is to see how our published work is being cited. This
shows how scholars vote with their feet.

On that issue, I must second Brian Macwhinney's note on Conversation 
Analysis. Two out of the five most cited articles in the flagship 
journal of our discipline are CA articles. The top article by number of 
citations is Sacks, Schegloff & Jefferson 1974. With 5638 citations 
recorded by Google Scholar, and the next article (Dowty 1991) coming in 
at a "mere" 2007 citations, this surely is the most cited article in the 
entire history of the journal.

I hesitate to mention this because it's only tangentially related, but 
these statistics were prompted by the member survey that the LSA is 
currently doing. See http://ideophone.org/language-anthology-citations/ 
for background and data. Funknetters might be interested to know that a 
substantial number of the most viewed, downloaded, and cited articles in 
the journal Language are of a broadly functionalist bent.


Mark Dingemanse
Language & Cognition group
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

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