The Singularity and Universal Grammar...

alex gross language at
Sun Apr 24 10:00:22 UTC 2011

With all respect to everyone on FUNKNET, I would
like to call your attention to the following article on
AI from yesterday's  New York Times:

I realize that I may be making myself even less likable
than heretofore, but I find many parallels between the
sense of this article and the recent history of linguistics.
After all, MT has usually been regarded as a branch of
AI and has intermittently been heralded as a major goal
of  linguistic research.

As I wrote eleven years ago under Reason 41 of my
44 Reasons piece:

41. The question of whether TGG is in fact a linguistic
theory at all or has rather become something far
closer to a religious cult. It certainly puts forward
what appear to be cult-like beliefs and specializes in
a form of compulsory indoctrination for all who wish
to join its inner precincts.

With best wishes to everyone!


Language design follows no particular pattern--it simply spreads out to fit 
the reality around it and serve the purposes of the people who use it.

The principal purpose of language is not communication but to persuade 
ourselves that we know what we are talking about, when quite often we do 


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