reminder CfP: Information Structure and Discourse - LSA Organized Session in memory of Ellen F. Prince

Sophia A. Malamud smalamud at
Wed Aug 31 15:24:28 UTC 2011

Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting
Portland, Oregon, January 5-8 2012

Organized Session in memory of Ellen F. Prince: Information Structure
and Discourse

Ellen F. Prince was a pioneer in the field of linguistic pragmatics,
producing seminal work on the typology and linguistic marking of
informational status, on the discourse functions of syntactic
constructions, including insights from cross linguistic studies in
Yiddish and English, language contact phenomena, and the study of
reference and salience in the Centering framework. In the course of
her work, she also pioneered the use of naturally-occurring data in
linguistic research, long predating the advent of electronic corpora.

We invite submissions of papers for 20-minute talks (15 min
presentation, 5 min for questions), presenting current research
addressing discourse phenomena, including information structure,
attentional status of linguistic expressions and their meanings, the
relationship between coherence and reference, and phenomena at the
discourse-syntax-semantics interface that emerge in situations of
language contact and change. Research based on experimental or corpus
data is particularly encouraged.

Please email all submissions to the session organisers at
lsa2012.prince at The subject of the email must be "LSA
session abstract". Please include the following information in the
       -- Name, affiliation, and email address for each author
       -- The title of the paper

The deadline for all submissions is Monday, September 5.

The abstract must be anonymous and conform to the following guidelines:

- Abstracts must be submitted in PDF format.
- An abstract, including examples, if needed, must be no more than
1000 words and no more than two pages in length, in type no smaller
than 11 point and preferably 12 point; margins should be at least .5
inches on all sides. References should be included on a third page.
- Your name should only appear in the accompanying email. If you
identify yourself in any way on the abstract (e.g. "In Smith
(1992)...I"), the abstract will be rejected without being evaluated.
In addition, be sure to anonymise your .pdf document by clicking on
"File," then "Properties," removing your name if it appears in the
"Author" line, and resaving before uploading it.
- Abstracts that do not conform to the format guidelines will not be considered.
- Your paper has not appeared in print, nor will appear before the LSA meeting.

  A 150 word abstract, intended for publication in the Meeting
Handbook, will be requested from all authors of accepted papers. The
title and authors must be the same as those in the originally
submitted abstract. The deadline will be October 1. This deadline,
must be observed or the paper will be withdrawn from the program.

  You must be an LSA member in order to present at the conference.

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