[Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: FAU Graduate Students Offer Speech Therapy Via Webcam to Republic of Rwanda Citizens]

Carlos M Nash carlosmnash at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 14:29:37 UTC 2011

I find it absolutely embarrassing, frustrating, and depressing that, in the
21st century, this sort of philosophy is being passed on to future
academics. With the significant amount of British media accessed by
Americans on a daily basis, and exposure to different varieties of British
English from British actors in Hollywood, you would think there would be
some negative indicator (e.g. lack or loss of profit) if there were
difficulties for the average American consumer to comprehend non-American

In the meantime, I'll watch another 30 minutes of BBC News before walking to
campus in subzero temperature.

Best Wishes.
Carlos M Nash
Department of Anthropology
University of Kansas

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