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Johanna Rubba jrubba at calpoly.edu
Mon Jan 17 17:42:42 UTC 2011


It is a bit mysterious why some languages come easier to some people  
than others. I spoke about French. I finally understood French  
grammar after reading Knud Lambrecht's book on information structure.  
It suddenly made sense. I will always have trouble with the  
pronunciation, though. I think it is a problem that you would find  
sensible -- French doesn't use reduced vowels, or many central  
vowels, while both English and Arabic do (at least the Arabic dialect  
I learned), and German to some extent. Spanish and French don't, and  
I find that I have to "stretch" to move among the cardinal vowel  
points. I could probably master this if I practiced a lot, but I  
haven't had or taken much opportunity to do so. I've never tried a  
tone language. I've always found them scary.

I did take a few classes on Standard Arabic, taught by some nuns (!)  
in Tunis. I couldn't stick with the class, because of its location  
and transportation/time issues, but we did get into some pretty  
complex grammar and I did find it oddly logical and familiar. It is  
pretty different from the dialect I was learning; I certainly never  
got into the grammar concepts with the dialect that I did in those  
few classes of Standard. Like what you experienced with Russian.

Anyway ... thanks for writing back.

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