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Clause Linking and Clause Hierarchy. Syntax and pragmatics.
Edited by Isabelle Bril CNRS-LACITO

Studies in Language Companion Series 121
2010. viii, 632 pp.

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This collective volume explores clause-linkage strategies in a 
cross-linguistic perspective with greater emphasis on subordination. 
Part I presents some theoretical reassessment of syntactic terminologies 
and distinctive criteria for subordination, as well as typological 
methods based on sets of variables and statistics allowing 
cross-linguistic comparability. Part II deals with strategies relating 
to clause-chaining, conjunctive conjugations, converbial constructions, 
masdars. Part III centers on the interaction between the syntax, 
pragmatics, and semantics of clause-linking and subordination, in 
relation to informa­tional structure, to referential hierarchy, and 
correlative constructions. Part IV presents insights in the 
clause-linking and subordinating functions of some T.A.M. markers, 
verbal inflectional morphology and conjugation systems, which may also 
interact with informa­tional hierarchy, via the backgrounding effects 
and lack of illocutionary force of some aspect and mood forms. The 
volume is of particular interest to linguists and typologists working on 
clause-linkage systems and on the interface between syntax, pragmatics, 
and semantics.

Table of contents

List of contributors vii–viii
Editor’s introduction: The syntax and pragmatics of clause linkage and 
clause hierarchy: Some new perspectives
Isabelle Bril 1–24
Part I. Syntactic terminology and typological methods
Clause linkage and Nexus in Papuan languages
William Foley 27–50
Capturing particulars and universals in clause linkage: A multivariate 
Balthasar Bickel 51–102
Part II. Clause-chaining, converbs, masdars, absolutive constructions, etc.
Specialized converbs and adverbial subordination in Axaxdәrә Akhvakh
Denis Creissels 105–142
Finite and non-finite: Prosodic distinctions on Budugh verb stems
Gilles Authier 143–164
Converbs and adverbial clauses in Badaga, a South-Dravidian language
Christiane Pilot-Raichoor 165–202
Coordination, converbs and clause chaining in Coptic Egyptian typology 
and structural analysis
Chris H. Reintges 203–266
Part III. Subordination, informational hierarchy and referential hierarchy
Informational and referential hierarchy: Clause-linking strategies in 
Austronesian-Oceanic languages
Isabelle Bril 269–312
Comment clause: Crossing the boundaries between simple and complex 
Zygmunt Frajzyngier 313–332
Deixis, information structure and clause linkage in Yafi’ Arabic (Yemen)
Martine Vanhove 333–354
The role of the Berber deictic and TAM markers in dependent clauses in 
Catherine Taine-Cheikh 355–398
Deixis and temporal subordinators in Pomak (Slavic, Greece)
Evangelia Adamou 399–420
Correlative markers as phoric “Grammaticalised Category Markers” of 
subordination in German
Colette Cortès 421–448
Part IV. Informational hierarchy and TAM markers’ functions in 
Focus, mood and clause linkage in Umpithamu (Cape York Peninsula, 
Jean-Christophe Verstraete 451–468
Clause chaining and conjugations in Wolof: A typology of parataxis and 
its semantics
Stéphane Robert 469–498
Pragmatic demotion and clause dependency: On two atypical subordinating 
strategies in Lo-Toga and Hiw (Torres, Vanuatu)
Alexandre François 499–548
Tense-mood concordance and clause chaining in Mankon (a Grassfields 
Bantu language)
Jacqueline Leroy 549–580
Clause dependency relations in East Greenlandic Inuit
Nicole Tersis 581–602
Coordination and subordination: Áma in Bulgarian dialectal Greek
Eleni Valma 603–618
Author index 619–621
Language index 623–624
Topic index 625–632

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