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The Chain of Being and Having in Slavic
Steven J. Clancy
University of Chicago

Studies in Language Companion Series 122

2010. xvii, 297 pp.

978 90 272 0589 6 / EUR 99.00 / USD 149.00

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The complex diachronic and synchronic status of the concepts be and have 
can be understood only with consideration of their full range of 
constructions and functions. Data from modern Slavic languages (Russian, 
Czech, Polish, Bulgarian) provides a window into zero copulas, 
non-verbal have expressions, and verbal constructions. From the 
perspective of cognitive linguistics, be and have are analyzed in terms 
of a blended prototype model, wherein existence/copula for be and 
possession/relationship for have are inseparably combined. These 
concepts are related to each other in their functions and meanings and 
serve as organizing principles in a conceptual network of semantic 
neighbors, including give, take, get, become, make, and verbs of 
position and motion. Renewal and replacement of be and have occur 
through processes of polysemization and suppletization involving lexical 
items in this network. Topics include polysemy, suppletion, tense/mood 
auxiliaries, modality, causatives, evidentiality, function words, 
contact phenomena, syntactic calques, and idiomatic constructions.

Table of contents

List of tables ix–x
List of figures and capsules xi–xii
Abbreviations and symbols used xii–xiv
A note on the content and format of this book xv–xvii
Chapter 1. Why be and have? 1–8
Chapter 2. The relationship between be and have 9–66
Chapter 3. Be in the modern Slavic languages 67–120
Chapter 4. Have in the modern Slavic languages 121–158
Chapter 5. Grammaticalization of be and have 159–230
Chapter 6. Language contact and borrowing 231–250
Chapter 7. Conclusions 251–264
Appendix Data sources 265–284
Bibliography 285–290
Author index 291–292
Language index 293–294
Subject index 295–298

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