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Assistant / Associate Professor of Linguistics

Job description and qualification requirements
It advertised a position in linguistics at Ilisimatusarfik -  University of Greenland, Ilimmarfik Institute, Department of Language, Literature and Media. The appointment is as assistant professor or associate professor, possibly as assistant professor with built-in PhD program.

The position is to be filled by February 1, 2012, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Applicants must have a relevant university degree and be able to provide document research and teaching qualifications at least at the associate professor level.

The position includes teaching (including supervision and examination) and research. In addition to teaching and research, the employee is expected to participate in the administrative and collaborate with colleagues possibly functioning as a departmental leader.

Research in the future is expected to be within topics relevant to Greenland and Greenlandic.

In his/her teaching at the undergraduate level the employee is expected to cover the following linguistic disciplines at an elementary level: morphology, semantics, phonetics and phonology, language history and dialectology. In teaching the Master's program the employee is expected to offer linguistic subjects of different types - freely chosen, but in consultation with students and colleagues.

Knowledge of Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) or other Inuit languages is an advantage, but otherwise the employee is expected to gain some insight into the Greenlandic language after his/her appointment.

The language of instruction at Ilisimatusarfik is Danish, English and/or Greenlandic.

Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland
Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland was established in 1987 with four departments including the Department of Greenlandic, which later became the Department of Language, Literature and Media. The university reform of 2008 (including merger, external board of directors, etc.) changed the name of the department to The Department of Language, Literature and Media under the merged Ilimmarfik Institute.

Ilimmarfik Institute houses three graduate studies: in addition to Language, Literature & Media, Cultural and Social History and Social Sciences are also offered. In addition there is an undergraduate course in Theology and Religion. Furthermore, Ilimmarfik Institute offers two profession oriented bachelor degree programs which encompass journalism and social studies majors. Besides Ilimmarfik Institute, Ilisimatusarfik now includes the Institute for Learning and the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences (located in other buildings).

Department of Language, Literature and Media collaborates in research and teaching with education partners in Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

The Department of Language, Literature and Media offers a 3-year Bachelor program, a 5-year single subject graduate program (bachelor + graduate work), a majors program consisting of 3½ years and a minor with a duration of 1½ years (the latter two intended for teacher training).

The Department of Language, Literature and Media has a total of four full time employees with teaching and research duties and at the moment 55 students.

Applicants should clearly indicate whether they are seeking a position as associate professor or assistant professor. For candidates without a PhD, it is possible to seek the position as assistant professor with the incorporated PhD program.

The application must contain the following documents:
* Letter of application
* Appendix 1: Curriculum Vitae
* Appendix 2: Evidence of exams and degrees
* Appendix 3: Complete and numbered list of publications. Works attached (maximum of 5) should be marked with an asterisk*
* Appendix 4: Short description of previous research and an outline of a future research project or projects
* Appendix 5: Evidence of teaching qualifications (curricula and teaching plan organization, teaching materials, perhaps a portfolio, where possible evidence of adjunkt pædagogikum qualification (teaching certificate) and research experience
* Appendix 6: Publications - the applicant may select a maximum of five publications particularly relevant to the assessment. The selected publications may be uploaded and submitted electronically as attachments.

Assessment and recruitment procedure
An expert assessment committee will be established in accordance with presently applicable rules. After the application deadline has passed, applicants will be informed about the composition of the committee and the other candidates for the position. The committee will consider the received applications and will make recommendations to the head of department. The committee's recommendation will in its entirety be sent to all applicants.

Salary and employment
Salary, terms and conditions of employment, including the right to severance travel assistance and household goods relocation, in accordance with the applicable agreements and conventions existing between the Government of Greenland and the organization legitimately entitled to have negotiated the agreement(s).

Housing can be made available for the applicant filling the position who does not already have housing. When granted, such housing is offered according to the ordinances current at the time. There may occur waiting time on permanent staff housing, which thus may result in temporary accomodations being provided, potentially including housing in smaller group homes or apartments.

More information about the position can be obtained contacing Birgitte Jacobsen, the head of the department at telephone number +299 362401, or by e-mail at <bija at slm.uni.gl>. For further information about Ilisimatusarfik refer to the website: www.uni.gl
Three copies of the application are to be clearly marked: "Position: linguistics" and sent with attachments including the selected publications to:

PO Box 1061
DK-3900 Nuuk

The applications must be received by Ilisimatusarfik no later than on December 5th.

It is recommended that the application be sent as A Prioritaire (air mail), because the regular surface mail (sent by ship)

Birgitte Jacobsen, ph.d., associate professor
Department of Language, Literature and Media
University of Greenland
P.O.Box 1061
DK-3900 Nuuk
Tel. (direct): +299 362401<tel:%2B299%20362401>
e-mail: bija at slm.uni.gl<mailto:bija at slm.uni.gl>

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