Philip W. Davis pwd at rice.edu
Fri Oct 28 07:31:18 UTC 2011

	Recently there was in inquiry on 
Linguistlist asking for information on Warao. The 
inquirer wanted information on negation in Warao, 
a language isolate spoken in Venezuela, and also 
the location of a recent researcher of the 
language, Andrés Romero-Figueroa. Unfortunately, 
I could not offer help in answering either of 
those questions, but I had recently used material 
on the language in my own work. I offered that in 
	Then I thought that the effort might be 
of interest to the members of Funknet. In that 
spirit, I offer these chapters on the language:
	Warao Focus:
	Warao Topic I:
	Warao Topic II:
The files are in pdf format and would total 271 pages if printed.
	If those chapters are useful, then the 
larger work in which they are embedded may also 
be interesting. It can be found at this url:
It is a work in progress with all the caveats 
that implies, namely, at any time I may change my 
mind if needed.

Best regards to all,
Philip W. Davis

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