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Dear Funknetters,

If you know of any students who are interested in doing a MA in 
(English) linguistics in France --with courses in Cognitive Linguistics, 
Corpus linguistics, and usage-based approaches, please forward message 


-Maarten Lemmens & Ilse Depraetere

Maarten Lemmens

  Membre de l'UMR 8163 Savoirs, Textes, Langage
  Editor-in-Chief "CogniTextes" (revue de l'AFLiCo)
  Membre du bureau de l'Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive
  Board member of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association


One of the central concerns of the two-year MA programme in English
Linguistics at Lille 3 is at the heart of what language is all about:
meaning, and how it is brought about. The programme is not committed to
one particular theoretical framework and the emphasis is on
*solid empirical description* (e.g., via corpus analyses) and
a *usage-based approach*. Students acquire a solid foundation for
linguistic analysis built on extensive and careful data analysis.
At the end of the Master’s programme, students are equipped with sound
methodological skills, a capacity for problem solving, and they have
learnt how to develop an argument and how to present it in a written or
an oral form.
The Master in English Linguistics in Lille 3 is one of the few
programmes in France which offer courses in *Cognitive Linguistics*
  and/or *Construction Grammar*.

A more detailed description of the programme, the course schedule,
information on registration (also for foreign students), and faculty
can be found on the MA web site:

A PDF version of the information brochure can also be downloaded from
the website.

For further information contact:
Prof. Ilse Depraetere (ilse.depraetere at
Prof. Maarten Lemmens (maarten.lemmens at

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