Languages abroad, workshop on heritage languages, Gothenburg

Benjamin Lyngfelt benjamin.lyngfelt at
Tue Aug 7 09:46:56 UTC 2012

Languages Abroad: workshop on heritage languages
Gothenburg, October 24-25 2012.

Languages abroad, a workshop on heritage languages, will be held at  
the University of Gothenburg on October 24-25, lunch to lunch. The  
speakers are:

Hans Boas - on Texas German
Janne Bondi Johannessen & Signe Laake - on Norwegian in America
Catrin Norrby & Gisela Håkansson - on Swedish in Spain
Christiane Andersen - on German in Russia
Maia Andréasson, Ida Larsson, Benjamin Lyngfelt, Jenny Nilsson & Sofia  
Tingsell - on Swedish in America
Csilla Wilhelm Szabó - on German in Romania and Hungary
Hyeon-Sok Park - on Code Switching between Swedish and Korean
Marie Rydenvald - on Swedish Third Culture Kids in Europe

The location of the workshop is the Humanisten campus, Renströmsgatan  
6 in Gothenburg, H building. There is no participation fee, but please  
send an e-mail to <christiane.andersen at> and tell us that  
you're coming.

On behalf of the organization committee,
Benjamin Lyngfelt

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