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Language Change in Contact Languages
Grammatical and prosodic considerations
Edited by J. Clancy Clements and Shelome Gooden
Indiana University / University of Pittsburgh

Benjamins Current Topics 36
2011.  v, 241 pp.

Hardbound ISBN 978 90 272 0255 0 / EUR 90.00 / USD 135.00

e-Book Forthcoming
ISBN 978 90 272 8255 2 / EUR 90.00 / USD 135.00

The studies in /Language Change in Contact Languages/ showcase the 
contributions that the study of contact language varieties make to the 
understanding of phenomena such as relexification, transfer, reanalysis, 
grammaticalization, prosodic variation and the development of prosodic 
systems. Four of the studies deal with morphosyntactic issues while the 
other three address questions of prosody. The studies include data from 
the Atlantic creoles (Saramaccan, Sranan, Haitian Creole, Jamaican 
Creole, Trinidadian Creole, Papiamentu), as well as Singapore English. 
This volume, originally pulished as special issue of /Studies in 
Language/ 33:2 (2009), aims to make the work of several language contact 
experts available to a wider audience. The studies will be of use to any 
student or scholar interested in different approaches to contact-induced 
language processes, particularly as they relate to morphosyntax and prosody.

Language change in contact languages: Grammatical and prosodic 
considerations: An introduction
J. Clancy Clements and Shelome Gooden 1-18
The contribution of relexification, grammaticalization, and reanalysis 
to creole genesis and development
Claire Lefebvre 19-52
Grammaticalization in creoles: Ordinary and not-so-ordinary cases
Adrienne Bruyn 53-78
One in Singapore English
Bao Zhiming 79-106
Contact-induced grammaticalization: Evidence from bilingual acquisition
Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip 107-135
Tone inventories and tune-text alignments: Prosodic variation in 
'hybrid' prosodic systems
Shelome Gooden, Kathy-Ann Drayton and Mary E. Beckman 137-176
Subsystem interface and tone typology in Papiamentu
Yolanda Rivera-Castillo 177-198
A twice-mixed creole?: Tracing the history of a prosodic split in the 
Saramaccan lexicon
Jeffrey Good 199-238

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