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Thu Jan 19 21:29:59 UTC 2012


Linguistica - Spoken discourse 

The journal Linguistica, published
by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), will devote
its 52th issue (2012) to spoken discourse.

Over the last decades,
spoken discourse has been one of the most prominent topics of linguistic
research. This can probably be attributed to two principal
characteristics of spoken discourse: its formal complexity and
variability, on the one hand, and the diversity of functions performed
by different linguistic practices.

Contributions may deal with
methodological aspects of spoken discourse analysis as well as with
specific linguistic practices. Possible topics could include the

- public discourse,
- spontaneous speech,
- language
- interpreting,
- sociolinguistics,
- speech pathology,
forensic linguistics,
- language technologies,
- spoken discourse in
language reference sources,
- terminology of spoken discourse
The list is not exhaustive and proposals concerning other
aspects of spoken discourse analysis are also welcome.

Authors are
invited to submit the title and the abstract (100 - 200 words) of their
paper by 10th March 2012 on the website in the following two steps:
register and log-in as Author,
- open the User Home tab, choose New
submission and follow the submission process.

Each abstract will be
evaluated by two reviewers. Papers and abstracts can be written in
English, German, Spanish, French or Italian. The accepted papers should
not exceed 30 000 characters (including spaces).

Deadline for
abstracts: 10 March 2012
Notification of acceptance: 5 April
Deadline for sending in accepted papers: 20 June 2012
Evaluation of
papers: July - August 2012
Revised versions of the articles: 15 October

Guest editor: Ana Zwitter Vitez (Trojina, Institute for Applied
Slovene Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia).


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