Call for papers: A Germanic Sandwich 2013

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Fri Mar 2 16:56:30 UTC 2012

This a call for papers for the conference 'A Germanic Sandwich 2013'

Meeting Description:

'A Germanic Sandwich 2013' will be held at the University of Leuven from 11-12 January 2013, as the fourth edition of a series of conferences in which Dutch is compared with its West Germanic neighbours, English and German. The first one took place in Berlin to commemorate the 1956 appearance of the seminal publication Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels ('Dutch between German and English'), a study by the renowned Dutch linguist C.B. van Haeringen. Later editions of the conference were held at Sheffield (2008) and Oldenburg (2010). The conferences have spawned a number of special issues, either as a book volume (Hüning et al. 2006) or as special issues of journals (Vismans et al. 2010; Ruigendijk et al. in prep.). See also and Van der Wouden, forthc.).

Hüning, M., A. Verhagen, U. Vogl & T. van der Wouden (eds.). 2006. Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels. Leiden: Stichting Neerlandistiek Leiden.
Ruigendijk, E., F. Van de Velde & R. Vismans (eds.). In prep. Special issue: Dutch between English and German. Leuven Contributions in Linguistics and Philology.
Vismans, R., M. Hüning & F. Weerman (eds.). 2010. Special issue: Dutch between English and German. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 22(4).
Wouden, T. van der. Forthcoming. 'Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels'. Internationale Neerlandistiek.

Invited Speaker: Johan Van der Auwera, in collaboration with Daniël Van Olmen: "On West Germanic moods and modalities"

Abstracts are invited for 30 minutes talks (20+10), in which Dutch is compared to German and/or  English (other Germanic languages may of course be included as well). We welcome studies with a typological and/or comparative perspective, dealing with questions about structural aspects  of the languages, their history or their status. Studies from a  language acquisition or psycholinguistic perspective will find their place as well.

Abstracts (ca. 500 words) can be sent to: <sandwich2013 at>
Deadline for submission: 15 June 2012
Notification of acceptance: 1 September 2012

Local organising committee: Hans Smessaert (University of Leuven), Joop van der Horst (University of Leuven), Freek Van de Velde (University of Leuven)

Scientific committee: Matthias Hüning (FU Berlin), Esther Ruigendijk (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg), Alan Scott (University of Nottingham) Hans Smessaert (University of Leuven), Joop van der Horst (University of Leuven); Ton van der Wouden (Meertens Institute, Amsterdam); Freek Van de Velde (University of Leuven); Roel Vismans (University of Sheffield), Fred Weerman (University of Amsterdam).

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