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Tartu, 6 – 8 June, 2013

Second Call for Papers

The fourth conference on Grammar and Context: New Approaches to the Uralic Languages will be held in Tartu, on 6 – 8 June, 2013. The conference follows up the previous symposia with the same name held in Budapest in 2004, Helsinki in 2007, and Budapest in 2011.

The conference  aims to bring together linguists working on Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian and other Uralic languages who are interested in the relations between grammatical and pragmatic aspects of language, between extralinguistic situations and language as a set of systems, and how these relations operate in actual language use. We invite papers from either synchronic or diachronic perspectives. We are especially interested in papers investigating morphosyntactic variation and its relations with extralinguistic context, pragmatic factors, language contact and so on. Papers are also encouraged which are based on text linguistics, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, contrastive grammar, language contact, second language learning and other approaches. 

Keynote speakers

Plenary talks will be given by:

Casper de Groot (University of Amsterdam)
Leelo Keevallik (University of Linköping)
Gerson Klumpp (University of Tartu)
Maria Vilkuna (Helsinki, KOTUS)

Plenary papers by the invited speakers will be in English (45 min + 15 min for discussion). 

Papers and the official languages of the conference

In addition to the plenary papers, the conference will consist of section papers given by the participants (20 min + 10 min for discussion for main session and theme session papers). The main languages of the conference are Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian and English. Section papers can be given in any of these languages.
The deadline for submission of abstracts (500 words maximum, excluding tables and references) for main section papers is 15 February, 2013. Abstracts should be written in English. They should provide information on the language the paper will be presented in (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian or English), as well as including the title of the paper in the language to be used in the presentation. The abstracts should be anonymous, and should be sent via EasyAbstract:

Notification of acceptance: 15 March, 2013
Abstracts of accepted papers will be published on the website of the conference  ( on 1 April, 2013, at the latest.

Theme Sessions

Accepted theme sessions:

”The aspects of aspect”, organisers: Tuomas Huumo (Turku, Tartu), Gábor Tolcsvai Nagy (Budapest, Nyitra)
”Uralic Essive”, organiser: Casper de Groot (Amsterdam)
”Referential devices in Uralic and adjacent languages”, organisers: Gerson Klumpp (Tartu), Ritva Laury (Helsinki) and Renate Pajusalu (Tartu)
”Syntax–Information Structure Interface in Finno-Ugric”, organisers: Balázs Surányi (Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences & Pázmány University), Orsolya Tánczos (Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
”Previous knowledge and utterance design”, organisers: Riina Kasterpalu (Tartu), Krista Mihkels (Tartu)

Authors involved to theme sessions should send their abstracts to the session organisers and the conference organisers by 15 February, 2013. Submissions of theme session abstracts should also follow the  instructions given to the authors of regular  papers.

Further information
Registration for the conference will begin on 15 March, 2013, on the conference website. 
Further information about the registration fee, programme and accommodation will be posted on the conference website: You can also find the conference through the LinguistList conference calendar.

Additional questions can be directed to the organisers by e-mail: grammar2013 at


Organising committee
Liina Lindström, Kristel Uiboaed, Tuomas Huumo, Hanna Jokela, Helle Metslang, Maarja-Liisa Pilvik, Helen Plado, Triin Todesk,  Virve Vihman

Scientific committee 
Márta Csepregi (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegetem), Riho Grünthal (University of Helsinki), Marja-Liisa Helasvuo (University of Turku), Tuomas Huumo (University of Tartu, University of Turku), Petar Kehayov (University of Tartu), Gerson Klumpp (University of Tartu), Magdolna Kovács (University of Helsinki), Johanna Laakso  (University of Wien), Liina Lindström (University of Tartu), Helle Metslang (University of Tartu), Karl Pajusalu (University of Tartu), Renate Pajusalu (University of Tartu), Ilona Tragel (University of Tartu), Virve Vihman (University of Tartu) 

Important dates
15 January, 2013: 		Deadline for theme session proposals
20 January, 2013:		Notification of acceptance of theme session proposals
15 February, 2013:		Deadline for abstracts for general and theme session papers
15 March, 2013:		Notification of acceptance of general and theme session papers
15 March – 31 May, 2013: 	Registration open
6 – 8 June, 2013: 		Conference

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