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Fri Jan 3 15:58:14 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,
Language Under Discussion has
just published its first issue (see table of contents below).
The focus article for this issue is "Small Model Languages as Tools for
Reflection", by Paul Rastall:


Language Under Discussion issues
remain open for one year so that readers may send in discussion notes in
response to the focus article the issue features. Notes accepted for
publication after peer review will be published in the same issue in the course
2014; the author of the focus article will close the issue with a response
to the published notes. All articles published in Language Under Discussion are also open
to comments by registered readers. 

We encourage you to take part in the
discussion or to start a new one by submitting a lose paper!
Best wishes for a good year,
Esther Pascual, Marla Perkins and
Sergeiy Sandler, Co-editors

editors at
Table of contents:

 Language Under Discussion Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Editorial: Let the discussion begin (i-ii)
 Esther Pascual, Marla Perkins, Sergeiy

Focus Article:

Small Model Languages as Tools for Reflection (1-23)
 Paul Rastall

Language Under Discussion

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