Summer school: Community-Driven Language Documentation (CDLC 2014) - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

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    CIDLeS Summer School 2014: "Community-driven Language Documentation"
    (CDLD 2014)

CIDLeS invites students and researchers in linguistics and related 
fields, language workers and speakers of endangered languages to 
participate in the Summer School on "Community-driven Language 
Documentation". The summer school will take place from Monday, 18th 
August to Saturday, 23rd August 2014 in Minde (Portugal).

Deadline for application: *May 31st, 2014*

    Date and venue

August 18th -- 23rd | The Summer School will take place in Minde, Portugal.


    About the Summer School

The field of language documentation has matured over the last 15 years. 
With several funding initiatives running out, community-driven language 
documentation ensures sustainable documentation.

This summer school is designed to encourage community-driven 
interdisciplinary language documentation. It will bring together 
speakers of endangered languages, local language workers, students and 
researchers of linguistics and related fields. The summer school is 
intended to be a space for engagement and exchange between community 
members, language workers and students and provide an environment for 
learning about each other's interests and requirements.

The curriculum is developed to be in accordance with the needs and 
interests of the speech communities. It aims at empowering the speech 
communities to participate in the definition and implementation of 
research projects and sensitise students of linguistic for the needs of 
the communities. Thus, the major goal of this summer school is to 
introduce the participants into the theory and methods of language 
documentation. The goal is to acquire the knowledge and competence to 
conduct one's own documentation projects with regard to endangered language.

This summer school is part of a larger event. The week before CDLD 2014 
there will be another one-week summer school on Coding for Language 

    Topics of lectures and courses

Audio and video recording & processing

Annotations (transcription, translation, GRAID)




Language maintenance and revitalization

    Invited lecturers

Ben Levine (Speaking Place, USA)

Dorothee Beermann (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 

Julia Schulz (Speaking Place, USA)

Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)

/other lecturers to be announced/


Participants have to apply by filling out the application form providing 
information on their background and interest in the area of language 
documentation and revitalization.

Deadline for application is *May 31^st , 2014*.The number of 
participants is limited to 30. Admission will be based on the track 
record and a motivational statement that are part of the application form.

Apply here:


The summer school costs*250 Euros for the whole week*. The fee includes 
summer school materials, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and a 
place to sleep. Depending on availability, the beds will be in a shared 
room for 2-4 people. You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal (including 
credit cards). You will receive more details in a confirmation mail, as 
soon as we processed your application.

We plan to provide*scholarships for students* to participate in the 
summer school. The scholarship will cover the fee of 250 Euros and 
travel costs up to 1.000 Euros. We still do not know if the scholarship 
will be available, and when. If you need a scholarship then you may 
already fill in and send the application form and specifically describe 
why you need a scholarship in the application form.

    Organizing team

Vera Ferreira(CIDLeS)

Peter Bouda (CIDLeS)

Rita Pedro(CIDLeS)

Felix Rau(University of Cologne)

Ingrid Scholz (CIDLeS / University of Porto)

For more information, please contact cdld2014 at 
<mailto:cdld2014 at>.

Summer school "Community-driven language documentation"
August 18th-23rd, 2014
Minde, Portugal

Email:cdld2014 at

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