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2014, Ullandhaug Campus, University of Stavanger (Norway).

Application deadline: October 1, 2014.

Aidan Conti, University of Bergen
Christer Johansson, University of Bergen
Guido Nottbusch, University of Pottsdam
Jacob Thaisen, University of Stavanger
Joanna Nykiel, University of Silesia
Per Henning Uppstad, University of Stavanger.

The focus of the course is on exploring cognitive processes involved in
copying written text. It is informed by research on how language users
comprehend and produce oral or written text, as well as on how the
combination of language comprehension and production is reflected in the
task of copying written text. We will discuss insights into production and
comprehension behavior gained from psycholinguistic experimentation using
modern tools of investigation, such as eye tracking and key logging. We
will then address the question of what cognitive constraints might operate
on a person as they copy written text. We will do so by drawing on existing
work in historical linguistics/philology which has explored the nature of
linguistic variation found in scribal copies of medieval texts. In
particular, our focus will be on how large a segment of text is being held
in working memory and recalled from it in the process of copying, and
whether the size of this segment may be affected by the linguistic features
of the text being copied and/or the nonlinguistic features of the copying
situation. The course will thus offer new interdisciplinary ways of linking
historical linguistics/philology and psycholinguistic research.

For further information, please visit

The course is open to students enrolled on a doctoral programme, in Norway
or elsewhere, but the number of places is limited; we reserve the right to
reject applicants.

Participation is free. Participants are responsible for their own travel
and accommodation costs and arrangements.

To apply for a place, fill in the registration form available from

(click on 'Søknad om opptak til ph.d.-kurs ved Universitetet i Stavanger')
and send it to jeanette.rollheim at

Please do not hesitate to address any queries you may have to any of the
four convenors (Aidan Conti aidan.conti at, Jacob Thaisen
jacob.thaisen at, Joanna Nykiel joanna.nykiel at, and Per
Henning Uppstad per.h.uppstad at
Joanna Nykiel
Assistant Professor
English Department
University of Silesia
Grota-Roweckiego 5
Sosnowiec 41-205, Poland
E-mail: joanna.nykiel at

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