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No others spoke for Romance.  There are numerous Romance congresses going on
but they are in France, Spain, Italy,

Germany, and the UK.



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The biggest conference specifically for historical is probably the
International Conference on HIstorical Linguistics, held every two years. It
was in Madison in 2005 and Montreal in 2007, but won't be back in North
America until probably 2013.


I'll let others speak to Romance, but in English (and Germanic) there are
good opportunities:


The SHEL conference (Studies in the History of the English Language)  will
be coming up in Banff, Canada in May 2009. In Germanic generally but with a
heavy emphasis on historical, the main annual conference is GLAC (see here: GLAC will meet with SHEL in Banff, in


The amount of historical linguistics at the Linguistic Society of America
seems (to me and a few others at least) to have picked up in recent years. 





On Mar 23, 2008, at 4:45 PM, Scott wrote:

Are there no conferences in the US on historical linguistics or have

I just missed the notice(s)?  I am particularly interested in English

and Romance languages?


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