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John Benjamins Publishing Company is a small publishing company, based in
The Netherlands, with a well-established list in linguistics and related
fields. Earlier this year we published a book that might be of interest to
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Pieter van Reenen & Margot van Mulken (eds)
1996, John Benjamins Publishing Company
xvi + 311 pp, ISBN 90 272 2153 7, Hfl. 140,- (Hb)
Stemmatology, the study of the relations between texts, can be considered as
a sciences basic to the study of older languages and text history.
        This volume contains selected papers from the Amsterdam Free University
Stemmatological Colloquia 1990-1993. All papers focus on new directions in
textuology and manuscript affiliation, and especially on the use of computer
science in this field.
        The theoretical implications of computer-assisted stemma construction ar
explored. In combination with achievements in codicology and paleography,
these investigations allow for dealing with the major problems in
textuology: extreme complex and entangled manuscript traditions.
        Following an introductory chapter, Part 1 presents six theoretical
contributions on stemmatology. Part 2 deals with auxiliary fields in
textuology, and in Part 3 applications of the previously developed
theoretical fields are presented.
   Pieter van Reenen and Margot van Mulken   vii
PART I: Methodological Approaches
Cladistics or the Resurrection of the Method of Lachmann
   Ben J.P. Salemans   3
Computer-Assisted Stemmatic Analysis and 'Best-Text' Historical Editing
   Peter M.W. Robinson   71
Shock Waves and Text Traditions
   Evert Wattel and Margot van Mulken   105
Clustering Stemmatological Trees
   Evert Wattel   123
Weighted Formal Support of a Pedigree
   Evert Wattel and Margot van Mulken   135
The Analysis of Early Islamic Traditions and Chains of Transmission
   A.D. van Reenen   169
PART II: Subject-Related Observations
Medieval Dossiers and Modern Stemmas
   J.B. Voorbij   209
Textual Incompatibility and Many-Pronged Stemmata
   William R. Veder   233
PART III: Applications to Manuscript Traditions
Which Variants are Useful in Discovering the Deep Structure of the
Manuscript Tradition of a Text?
   Karl-Heinz Uthemann   249
>From Variant to Pedigree in the 'Charroi de Nimes'
   Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schosler   263
INDEX   305

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