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                             - FIRST CIRCULAR -
         The XIII International Conference on Historical Linguistics
                              will be held at
            Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet of Duesseldorf, Germany
                           10 - 17 August 1997
                        Plenary speakers include:
                         Henning Andersen (UCLA)
                        Kate Burridge (Melbourne)
                      Wallace Chafe (Santa Barbara)
                        Konrad Ehlich (Muenchen)
                        Marvin Herzog (Columbia)
                        Dieter Kastovsky (Wien)
                         Donka Minkova (UCLA)
                    Marianne Mithun (Santa Barbara)
                         David Olson (Toronto)
                        John Rickford (Stanford)
                        Suzanne Romaine (Oxford)
                 Brigitte Schlieben-Lange (Tuebingen)
                         Dan Slobin (Berkeley)
      Papers are invited either for any topic in historical linguistics,
                    or for one of the special topic areas:
                Media, written language, and language change
         Norms and change of (linguistic) norms in modern societies
               Markedness, naturalness, and the invisible hand
          American Indian languages: relationships and developments
            Universal and social factors in language contact
             The development of Yiddish as a contact language
           Linguistic prehistory and history in Eastern Europe
One page abstracts may be submitted either
by mail (one hard copy accompanied by an ASCII-file on a diskette)
or, preferably, by email (ASCII-file only) so as to arrive no later than
1st October 1996
                --- official airline: Lufthansa ---
                mail: Dieter Stein
                      Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
                      Anglistik III
                      Universitaetsstr. 1
                      D-40225 Duesseldorf
               email: ICHL1997 at phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de
               phone: 49-(0)211-81-12963
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