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Penny Carter pcarter at cup.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 6 11:50:12 UTC 1996

Dear David
Yes, we have at last mirrored on our NY site! I'm sure this sort of
publicity for the journal is very worthwhile. Thank you.
Regards, Penny
At 9:42 am 6/11/96, David Denison wrote:
>The new journal ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS (first issue May
>1997) will have an important contribution to make in both present-day
>English studies and English historical linguistics.  Full details can
>be found on our revised WWW pages, available at sites in the USA and
>UK.  Try either of the following
>(Europe)      http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk/Journals/JNLSCAT/ell/ell.html
>(N. America)  http://www.cup.org/Journals/JNLSCAT/ell/ell.html
>for a statement of policy and the names of editors and editorial
>board members.  There are instructions for contributors (including
>style sheet), information for potential subscribers, and a new link
>to an up-to-date list of forthcoming articles.
>Bas Aarts, David Denison and Richard Hogg
>Editorial e-mail address:  ell at ucl.ac.uk
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