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Subject: 10th ICEHL, August 1998
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                  *** preliminary announcement ***
The 10th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics
will be held in Manchester in August 1998.
Our preferred dates - still provisional - are:
Friday 21 August to either Tuesday 25 or Wednesday 26 August 1998.
If you know of any significant potential problems or clashes, please
e-mail me immediately at the conference e-mail address:
       10icehl at man.ac.uk
I expect to confirm the date shortly.  Our still rudimentary WWW page
will be regularly updated over the next few months:
David Denison, organiser
David Denison                            e-mail:  d.denison at man.ac.uk
Dept of English and American Studies     tel.     +44 161-275 3154
University of Manchester                 fax.     +44 161-275 3256
Manchester M13 9PL,

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