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Larry Trask larryt at cogs.susx.ac.uk
Thu Sep 12 12:58:45 UTC 1996

Several subscribers have asked to be notified when my textbook was
published.  Since I can no longer remember who they all were, I'm
taking the liberty of using this list.
The book is now out in Britain.  It's this:
R. L. Trask. 1996. Historical Linguistics.  London: Edward Arnold.
ISBN 0-340-60758-0 (pb), 0-340-66295-6 (hb). 430 pp.
The paperback sells for 16.99 pounds in Britain (I think).  That's
about US $25, though the American price may actually be lower, given
the peculiar way that publishers do things.  No doubt it'll take a
few weeks for copies to be shipped across the pond.  The book is
distributed in the USA by St, Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, NY
Larry Trask
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH
larryt at cogs.susx.ac.uk

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