posting to HISTLING

Dorothy Disterheft DISTERH at UNIVSCVM.SC.EDU
Mon Sep 16 16:28:06 UTC 1996

Dear fellow HISTLINGers,
Today Larry Trask commented about not being able to post to the entire
list by using the <reply> function. That's the way HISTLING has operated
since I started the list a year ago. Actually, for the first few days
it operated with the default of <reply>, which meant that every time one
used the <reply> function, it went to the entire list. By popular demand
(and I really do mean _demand_, I had the list changed so that <reply>
function only goes to the sender, not the entire list. That way, everyone's
mailbox is not filled with personal comments and the like. Now that the
list is moderated, whenever you post to HISTLING, you will receive an
automatic notification from our listserver that the posting has been sent
to the listowner (that's me) for approval. I then resend the posting to
the entire list as soon as I see it. I do, however, reserve the right not
to re-post messages that have nothing to do with language history in the
loosest sense of the word, messages that are summaries of discussions on
other lists, or messages that do not follow the usual rules of professional
Dorothy Disterheft

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